Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms of service provided by China Economic Net. We expect you to abide by the following terms and conditions. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before joining our service. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that you will be subject to when using our services. Once you have registered as a member of China Economic Net, you have read, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in this membership agreement and privacy statement. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.


1. User registration

A. Provide accurate, true and valid personal information; If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, the Website reserves the right to terminate the user's qualification to use the network services;

B. If there is any change in personal information, the member's personal information must be modified in time;

C. Members agree to receive emails and messages from China Economic Net or its partners;


D. At present, once the account is registered successfully, the cancellation is not supported.


2. Member's account number, password and security

A. The Member shall be fully responsible for the security of the Member's name and password and for all activities and events carried out under the Member's name;

B. If members find any illegal use of member accounts or security loopholes, please immediately notify the Website.


3. Members who have the following behaviors will be disqualified from membership

A. Acts of members that are detrimental to the interests of the Company;

B. Use member accounts for sale, auction, etc., or use member accounts as commodities for trading;

C. Obtaining members' accounts by stealing passwords, fraud and other improper means;

D. Violation of Chinese laws and regulations, or violation of Internet regulations.


4. Return and exchange commitment

For the goods sold, China Economic Net solemnly promise (according to the receipt date)"7 days return or exchange"


A. Returned or exchanged goods must meet the following three conditions:

① to ensure that the goods are not contaminated, does not affect the secondary sales of our company

Ensure that the outer packing of goods is intact (including packing material and outer packing box)

③ Guarantee commodity accessories. Manual. Warranty. Completeness of tags, invoices, gifts, etc. Note: Pictures and information are for reference only, not for quality problems. Because of the shooting of lighting and different display color difference and other problems may cause a certain color difference between the product picture and the real object, this is not a quality problem, all subject to the real object.


B. No return or exchange service will be provided in the following cases:

① any goods that do not meet the conditions of return or exchange;

(2) any goods not sold by CEC;

③ any used goods without quality problems;

(4) any improper use and storage of goods resulting in quality problems;

⑤ Points. Gift vouchers and other non-cash gifts, in the return or exchange of goods do not refund processing;

For safety and health considerations, personal supplies such as underwear, socks/tights/stockings/legs socks, shapewear, shapesuits, inserts/chest pad, swimwear goods are not returned or exchanged, except for the existence of internal quality problems detected by the authorities.


C. Return and exchange instructions:

(1) if the product has additional gifts, please return the gifts together, gifts need to keep the original when receiving gifts, such as gifts can not be returned, according to the original online sales price in the refund deducted;

If the product itself due to quality problems caused by the return, freight borne by the China Economic Network, due to the style. Color, size, personal preference and other reasons caused by the return of goods, freight borne by the customer;

(3) Surface mail is not accepted.


5. Orders and Out of Stock

5.1 Some of the products sold on the website are low-price promotion, so the order payable amount (excluding the coupons used) is greater than or equal to 99 yuan, and we choose to pay the nationwide ordinary express package online; If less than 99 yuan, you need to pay 15 yuan for each shipment.


5.2 Compensation for delayed delivery/shortage of goods


(1) on the basis of the new e-commerce law 2019, ceinet required purchase behavior based on the cost of living in member/shortage of order delay delivery, due to the obstruction of the member to buy rights and interests, the two sides agreed to pay for: pay membership in ceinet gift card way, issue the gift card amount is (RMB) = / out of stock orders for late delivery of goods actual clinch a deal amount (RMB) * 10%, each payment orders to pay the minimum amount shall not less than 5 yuan, highest do not exceed 30 yuan. The Gift Card shall be valid for 180 natural days from the date of issuing the Gift Card. Members shall use the Gift Card within the validity period, and the expiration period will automatically become invalid.


(2) the use of system vulnerabilities malicious batch order or batch purchasing orders (ceinet with big data technology for bulk order transactions, trading patterns, account history order, bulk order of receiving similar goods address, telephone etc multiple dimensions and is not limited to the above dimensions unilaterally can judge), due to the violation of the e-commerce law and consumer rights and interests, late delivery/out of stock orders only support return money, don't support to pay.


(3) Definition of delayed delivery: it refers to the failure of China Economic Network to deliver goods within 72 hours after the member's payment, or the failure of China Economic Network to deliver goods within the agreed time for customization, pre-sale and other special circumstances, which impeds the member's purchase rights and interests. The delivery time of China Economic Net shall be subject to the time when the delivery information of the warehouse is uploaded to the order account of the member or recorded in the Courier company system.