About Us

Company introduction

Orange Pie Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, 2018, the establishment of a new e-commerce platform China Economic Business Network, China Economic Network is now the main product of the company.


With social group as the core model, China Economic Network specializes in underwear, toys, woolen sweaters, etc., and is committed to serving the vast majority of ordinary consumers.


Based on the operating philosophy of "good goods are not expensive", the China Economic Network platform provides consumers with subsidies and discounts for big-brand goods, factory products and new brand goods.


Always put consumer needs first

China Economic Net is committed to creating value for the vast majority of users, making "more benefits, more fun" become the mainstream of consumption.


Since its inception, China Economic Network has always put consumer demand in the first place. Through the C2F model, the cost of traditional supply chain is extremely compressed to provide consumers with the fair and most cost-effective choice.


Through the decentralized traffic distribution mechanism, China Economic Network significantly reduces the traffic cost of traditional e-commerce and benefits both supply and demand. Based on the big data of the platform, China Economic Network helps factories to achieve customized production according to consumers' preferences and demands, continuously reduces procurement, production and logistics costs, and makes "low price and high quality" products the mainstream of the platform.


We will promote supply-side reform and foster more brands

Based in the Pearl River Delta, China Economic Network grows together with small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform's mode of less SKU, high order and short outbreak can not only quickly digest factory capacity, but also help manufacturers win the trust of consumers quickly and establish brand image through "phenomenal" hot style.


By providing free traffic, China Economic Network greatly reduces the marketing cost of manufacturers. Moreover, the platform continues to tilt resources to manufacturers who are interested in building their own brands to facilitate their transformation and upgrading.


Stick to the values of "duty" and do the right thing


The success of CEC comes from the company's value of "duty", which is "to stick to one's duty". For the platform, the biggest "duty" is to always focus on creating value for consumers.


Whether in the past or in the future, the foundation of the existence of China economic network is to create value for consumers. The platform will always focus on the intrinsic value of "duty", always adhere to do the right thing, and constantly make unremitting efforts to meet the needs of the majority of users.


Founding team

Chief executive officer

Mu-zi li

A native of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, CEO of China Economic Network. Li Muzi is a senior media professional who has been involved in founding a number of companies. He co-founded the e-commerce platform China Economic Network in 2018 and became the CEO in July 2018.


Since co-founding the China Economic Network, Li Muzi has restructured the existing commodity circulation links and improved the efficiency of commodity circulation based on the leading technology system and business model.


Technical Advisory Board

Chen Chuanfang

Chen Chuanfang has a profound technical background, a profound understanding of the development and application of Internet technology, and a highly forward-looking and insightful view of the Internet industry.


Chao-dong zhang

Zhang Chaodong is a renowned expert on the Internet and artificial intelligence. He has served as executive vice president of Ji 'an Cloud Life and general manager of Hay Technology.


Talent team

China Economic Net has a young and creative team. The average age of the members is 27 years old, and 70 percent of the members graduated from well-known universities in China, including technology and product elites from famous companies such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.


The proportion of technical engineers in the company has always been maintained at more than 50%.


Enterprise honor

In June 2014, Orange Pie became the secretary general unit of the Municipal Entrepreneurs Association.

In August 2014, Orange Pie won the award of "2014 China (Jiangxi) Top Ten E-commerce Leaders".

In November 2015, Orange Pie won the Top 10 E-commerce Enterprises of the Municipal E-commerce Expo.

In January 2016, the co-founder of Orange Pie joined the China Democratic Construction Association.

In June 2016, the co-founder of Orange Pie became the third undergraduate entrepreneurship tutor in Jiangxi Province.

In August 2016, the co-founder of Orange Pie became a member of the E-commerce Industry Research Committee of Technical Vocational College.

In November 2016, the founder of Orange Pie won the Jiangxi Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award.

In June 2017, the founder of Orange Pie was awarded the Excellent Entrepreneur Award of Jiangxi Province.

In September 2017, Orange Pie was elected as the President Unit of the Municipal E-commerce Association.